Little People Build ’n Drive SUV

from Fisher-Price


Product Information

  • Little People Build ’n Drive SUV from Fisher-Price
  • Part of the Little People brand
  • We recommend this product for ages 1 and up

What It Is

What It Is

The Little People Build 'n Drive SUV is a free-wheeling SUV that comes with a Little People figure and several play pieces, such as a surfboard, inner tube, and four blocks, for building fun. The SUV's roof has a building surface on top, and the roof also opens and closes. All of the pieces fit inside the car for easy clean-up and take-along play.

Why It’s Fun

Little People is a classic brand and kids today still enjoy the characters and the different environments that all encourage open-ended, imaginative play. The Build 'n Drive SUV offers that kind of creative play, as well as being a great tool for helping children develop fine motor skills through building with the blocks.

Who It’s For

The Little People Build 'n Drive SUV is for ages 1—4.

What to Be Aware of

This is a great toy to add to a Little People collection or to start one. While it's a very cool vehicle, there's somewhat limited play in the number of pieces included. That said, this is an ideal, low-price/high value gift for a kid who already is playing with Little People.

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