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What It Is

What It Is

Solitaire Chess is a one-player logic puzzle that uses simplified rules of chess to create brainteaser challenges. Simply choose one of the 30 challenge mats and place it on the game tray. Then place the chess pieces on the challenge mat as indicated. This is your starting position. The goal is to capture the chess pieces until only one remains on the board. Move the chess pieces according to the standard chess movement rules. Each move must result in a captured piece, so think ahead and plan your moves. If you are left with two or more pieces on the board, reset the challenge and try again. Solitaire Chess comes with 30 double-sided challenge mats at four different levels of complexity, 10 chess pieces, a plastic game tray with storage drawer, a drop lock to secure the cards, and an instruction booklet that includes hints and solutions.

Why It’s Fun

This isn't chess, but it is a unique take on a classic game. Solitaire Chess is a great way to hone your skills and build your chess-playing strategies. It's also a great introduction for those new to the game of chess or for anyone who enjoys a good puzzle challenge. There are four levels of play—beginner, intermediate, advanced, and expert—to keep players challenged. This is great brain exercise! It also helps kids develop an important skill—thinking several moves ahead. If you want to add an additional challenge, try thinking through the entire puzzle before you touch the first piece—just like professional chess players do.

Who It’s For

You don't have to be Bobby Fisher to play Solitaire Chess (but you should probably be 8 and up). Even if you've never played chess before, you can still play Solitaire Chess. The instruction booklet gives you movement rules for each piece (example: the King captures after moving exactly one square horizontally, vertically, or diagonally). And the hints and solutions will be very helpful to get you started. If you are a chess expert, then the upper levels of Solitaire Chess will be worthy of your abilities. Skip the beginner level and go immediately to intermediate, advanced, or expert.

What to Be Aware Of

Like any good brainteaser, Solitaire Chess is designed to get players thinking. Players might not figure out a challenge on the first try. But with persistence and patience, they'll be able to solve the puzzles.