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What It Is

When lovable Mama isn't cooking, gardening, or crafting, she's tending to the needs of adorable baby tots. Based on Majesco's popular Cooking Mama video game franchise, Babysitting Mama (exclusively for the Wii) will be delivered with an adorable plush baby doll into which the player tucks the Wii Remote in order to interact with the doll and game at the same time. This innovative simulation game lets players use the Wii remote in a whole new way! Players can enjoy more than 40 activities using the doll and Nunchuk controller: rock the baby to sleep; bounce the baby; feed, bathe, change, and play with the baby; plus much more. Babysitting Mama features six unique babies, each with his or her own personality and needs, along with a range of indoor and outdoor environments that Mama and baby can play in. Audio cues play through the Wii Remote inside the baby so it's as if the baby doll is responding directly to the player. The game even supports two-player mode, because when it comes to newborns, Mama could use some help! This interactive game looks cute and is fun for all ages to play. (It's rated E for Everyone.) Girls will probably enjoy this game more than boys for its interactive nurturing play and the cute plush baby doll that comes with the game. As with the Cooking Mama series, the game has a wonderful sense of play and parts of it are very amusing. Kids won't feel like they're just taking care of a baby; they're having a wild time playing, too.