Dance Central

from MTV Games



Overall Editor's Rating

What It Is

Have you ever wished that you could experience all the fun of going to a club without worrying about looking like a fool on the dance floor? Your wish has been answered because the people that allowed you to live out your rock-star dreams without leaving your media room are back with their follow-up to the Rock Band franchise - Dance Central!

Dance Central is a video-game that requires players to get up and dance to the beat by hitting full body poses and moves at specific times. The game features tracks from some of the hottest artists of today and years past including Lady Gaga, No Doubt, M.I.A., Bell Biv DeVoe and Salt-N-Pepa among others. Unlike other dance games that come with some sort of device that you have to hold or stand on, Dance Central doesn't require anything other than your body—there are no game controllers, sensor pads or dance mats. Instead, Dance Central is one of the first games that utilizes the new Kinect Sensor for Xbox. Kinect turns your entire body into a game controller through a full-body tracking camera system.

Don't let Dance Central's Teen rating scare you into thinking this is a raunchy game. The rating is required because of the occasional song lyric that might not be something you would want a five year old singing. Fortunately, this is a game that adults and kids will want to play together so adults can make sure that the songs being played are appropriate for everyone in the room.

Dance Central will be available exclusively for Kinect for Xbox 360 on November 4. Kinect arrives in stores on the same day and will work with all models of Xbox 360 consoles. The suggested retail price for the Kinect is $149.99.