Fictionaire Game Series

from Days of Wonder



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What It Is

Bluff your way to win with the new Fictionaire Game Series, new trivia card game collection that gives a twist to the classic "dictionary game." In Fictionaire, players make up a bogus definition for a word or a fake answer for a question asked by the game's host. Then players try to trick the host into believing that their answer is correct. To earn points, players have to either choose the right definition or get someone to pick their answer. If you bluff someone into choosing the wrong answer, you earn a bonus point.

The content of Fictionaire is designed to elicit creative and fun answers. There are four themed card packs (sold separately), each with 120 thought-provoking questions. The first pack, Classic Fictionaire, is closest to the traditional dictionary game—rare, interesting and sometimes provocative words for players to creatively define. Tall Tales features strange stories. Fool Science compiles scientific wonders. And Naturals features surprising information about the physical world. The game is for four to seven players.

While the combination of creative storytelling, trivia, and bluffing skills makes Fictionaire fun and entertaining, there is one thing that might deter parents from bringing the game home. Fictionaire cards come in cigarette pack-style packaging, including a "seals-in-freshness" plastic wrapper. The company says this design makes playing easier because of a flip-top that reveals only the question section of a card to the starting player. The design also makes the pack small enough to take anywhere for on-the-go gameplay. However, there will be some parents who feel that the packaging is inappropriate for their teenagers and might want to keep the game adults-only.