Brain Quest SMART

from University Games


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  • Pub Trivia
  • 20 Questions for Kids


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What It Is

Give your brain a challenge with the new Brain Quest SMART. Adapted from University Games' Brain Quest, Brain Quest SMART delivers the same style of educational fun with a unique twist. Made for portability, Brain Quest SMART doesn't feature a board. Instead, players accumulate the letters to spell the word "smart" by answering trivia questions from the science, math, art, reading, and the world categories. Each correct answer earns the player a scoring chip, and every three chips in one category can be exchanged for a letter. Being the first to spell certain words along the way, such as "arm" or "star", provides players with bonuses, keeping the game unpredictable. The first player to collect all five letters and spell "smart" is the winner.

Brain Quest SMART is designed to both challenge and entertain children of various ages, with a focus on children in grades 1—6, allowing kids to compete on a level playing field. The game challenges kids with factual trivia questions on subjects they study in school and makes it fun to be smart.