Meatball Madness

from Zwiggle Games



Overall Editor's Rating

What It Is

Serve the customers their meatballs... by making it through an obstacle course! In Meatball Madness, the meatballs must be taken from the chef's pot, through the kitchen, and to the restaurant table. In order to move the meatballs, players use the motorized ladle to float the meatballs (brown foam balls) in the air. Press the button on the handle and air blows out of the ladle's scoop, lifting the meatballs in the air. The built-in timer indicates each player's time. The player who moves three meatballs the fastest wins. Try to beat your own time or play against friends. This is a hilarious take on a classic skill and action game.

Moving the meatballs around with the ladle might prove difficult for some kids at first, but in time, they'll get the hang of it and the obstacle course can reflect kids' skill progression. The three obstacles can be placed as close or as far apart and as high or low as you want—you control the level of difficulty.

Meatball Madness includes plastic accessories for the obstacle course, three obstacle course boards, four foam meatballs, a wind-up timer, a battery-operated ladle with three AA batteries, and instructions.