Fin Fin Friends

from WowWee



Overall Editor's Rating

What It Is

Fin Fin Friends are the latest in the virtual friends category, and they're the closest thing kids will get to a real fish and then some because these are not merely playsets with fishy figures. Fin Fin Friends are part of WowWee's Alive line of interactive toys, which means Fin Fin Friends come to as children interact with them. The more kids play with Fin Fin Friends (talk to them, tap on the fish bowl, or feed them), the more reaction kids will get as the miniature fish seem to learn new behaviors. They start out being shy, but soon they'll come out and play more actively. Send Fin Fin Friends down the slide and watch them swim in the water. Clap or call and Fin Fin Friends will swim right over so kids can feed them and play with them. There are four playsets (each sold separately for about $19.99) for kids to create their own underwater adventure playground, including Tropical Paradise, Caribbean Castle, Seaside Shop, and Hang Ten Skate Park. Each playset comes with a Fin Fin Friend, two floating accessories, and one decorative accessory. Fin Fin Friends accessory packs, each sold separately for about $6.99, allow kids to enhance their collection with more fish figures and decorative accessories. This is not a replacement for a real fish, but may be appropriate for kids who are not ready for live pets. However, they are primarily an interactive toy. These playsets require real water so it's a good idea to set them up in an area where spillage won't be a problem. Still, the sets are largely self-contained, colorful and engaging.