Easy-Bake Deluxe Delights Cake and Cookie Kit

from Hasbro


  • Easy-Bake Ultimate Oven Baking Star Edition


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What It Is

Turn an ordinary kitchen into a gourmet bakeshop with the Easy-Bake Deluxe Delights Cake and Cookie Kit. This new, all-inclusive bake set offers girls the opportunity to show off their creativity and make edible works of Easy-Bake art. Using the special Easy-Bake Deluxe Delights dish, girls can "bake" tasty Easy-Bake treats in the microwave in just 30 seconds. This special dish features a heating and cooling sensor so bakers know when it's safe to touch.

With the included, exclusive Easy-Bake tools, girls can decorate their Easy-Bake mini cakes and cookies with colorful fondant (smooth icing that can be molded over the cake), just like a pro. Tween chefs can also add intricate designs to their favorite dessert with the fondant mold and stamper or label their tasty treat using the alphabet embosser. Add bakery caliber finishing touches with the special embossing plate. The Easy-Bake Deluxe Delights Cake and Cookie Kit comes with a microwave container and lid for baking tasty sweets and loads of accessories that a pastry chef in training will need, including a rolling pin, measuring spoons, a cake pan, four cookie cutters, a fondant mold, a fondant stamper, an embossing plate, and enough mixes to create six decorated cakes and seven cookies. Adult participation is highly recommended for younger children.

A whole generation of girls grew up making Easy Bake treats. Given the popularity of cooking shows on TV, and particularly baking shows, this set allows girls pretend to be just like the professional chefs they admire.

As with any of these food-making toys, the play is all in the creativity. The resulting creations, though delicious, are small, so portions are snack size. Parents of children with food allergies should read all contents carefully before playing.