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What It Is

Just what exactly is a Dweebie? In the new game Dweebies, you'll meet these lovably colorful characters—and you'll have to capture them, too. Round up Dweebies by matching cards on both ends of any row. It seems simple at first, but Dweebies can be very tricky and some will disappear before they've met their match. Hint: Don't let any line of cards get too long. Collect the most cards to become the Dweebie-in-Chief!

Among all the silliness of Dweebies, kids will hone their matching skills and begin to understand probability, the measure of how likely an event is. Playing time for Dweebies is about 15 minutes, so you can fit in a quick game whenever you have time or sit down for family game night and play over and over again. Dweebies comes with 54 cards and rules of play in English and Spanish. It is for two to six players.