Critter Carnival

from Insect Lore



Overall Editor's Rating

What It Is

This is the cutest thing even if you don't think bugs are that cute. The Critter Carnival is the ultimate bug playground! Find some bugs and place them in the domed habitat. Watch them play and perform in the zany carnival bug-play area with slide, swing, maze, tightrope, Ferris wheel, and teeter totter. There's even a watering hole that can really be filled with water in case the bugs get thirsty. After the show is done, release the bugs back into the wild.

The escape-proof habitat provides 360-degree views and features an extra-large built-in magnifier lid so kids can really zoom in on the action. The Critter Carnival makes a great observation habitat for ladybugs, pillbugs (roly-polys), and other small insects.

This is a cute toy that inspires observational and imaginative play. It allows kids to get up close to the bugs, and it fosters imagination because it's doubtful that the bugs will approach anything like the precision of Cirque du Soleil.

For the youngest kids, parents will want to supervise the kids and provide specific guidance about what bugs are and aren't appropriate for this type of play. In other words, ladybugs, yes; bees and wasps, probably not.