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What It Is

What It Is

Nintendo continues to update and improve it’s popular handheld gaming system--the Nintendo DS--so before we talk about the latest version lets take a quick look at the history of the DS. The first DS was launched in 2004 as a successor to Nintendo’s popular Game Boy series. It was a clam-shell device with WiFi, a microphone and two screens, one of which was a touch-screen allowing people to play games without using buttons. Two years later, the DS Lite--a slimmer, lighter and brighter DS--arrived. In 2008, the DS received another makeover with the introduction of DSi. This iteration continued with the dual-screen display and contained all of the features from the earlier DS units, including WiFi and a mic, however now the DS had a built-in camera with two lenses and several pre-installed applications.

Now that we are all up to speed on our DS history, lets take a look at the latest version, the DSi XL. The XL includes all of the features from the DSi--two screens, two camera lenses, WiFi, mic, etc.--but packs them into a larger device with 4.2-inch screens. In addition to the larger screens, the XL features enhanced side-viewing displays that makes the screens easier to look at from distances and angles (more on this later), new applications and pre-loaded games.

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