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What It Is

Tara is a new game, which the inventors claim is steeped in the ancient legends of Ireland's Celtic heritage and royal past, that has made its way across the ocean and to the U.S. The strategy game is named after the Hill of Tara in Ireland, where legend tells that the High Kings contemplated the conjoined ringforts of Forradh and Teach Chormac. (The overhead view of the ringforts eventually inspired the popular artistic Celtic knotwork pattern, now found all over the world.)

Tara offers a choice of playing one of three different strategy games with the same playing board and pieces in the game. Each game gives players a little bit of a history lesson and an artistic creation experience by working with the intricate Celtic knot designs on the tiles. There is no prior knowledge needed of Celtic knotwork; what's great about this game is that it builds automatically before players' eyes.

The three game options include Sacred Hill, a connection game of linking ringforts together with bridge tiles to create a landscape of Celtic knotwork. Building the three-dimensional knotwork tiles, layers also split opponent's territory in a divide-and-conquer strategy.

Playing the High Kings of Tara introduces the kings in all their ancient power. Like moving the knight in chess, only with many more twists and turns, kings capture enemy ringforts, but can also be rendered immobile by the opponent.

In Tara's Poisoned Chalice game, the most advanced version of Tara, there is a battle of spirits between High King Lóegaire and St. Patrick. Players sit at right angles to each other, pitting their wits against the unknown powers of the enemy while trying to complete their ringforts on the board.

The three game options ensure that there is a way to play for players at every skill level. There are many other game variants, animated demos, knot patterns, and more at the Tailten Games website, www.tailtengames.com. Because of this, Tara can become a new game every time you play. The whole family will love playing this beautiful strategy game.