Tech Deck 96mm Fingerboard Assortment

from Spin Master


  • Tech Deck Star Wars Darth Vader
  • Tech Deck Star Wars Princess Leia
  • Tech Deck Star Wars Chewbacca


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What It Is

Get ready for extreme sports fun for your fingers! Tech Deck pro replica fingerboards look and ride just like the real thing, perfect for skateboarders and skateboarding fans. Each Tech Deck fingerboard comes with metal trucks, grip tape, and real skate company graphics. Switch it up with the included set of graphic wheels and mess with the kingpin. Each pack comes with a mini sticker sheet, riser pads, bolts, and a hardware tool. With hundreds of designs from all the top skate companies, kids will want to collect them all!

When these were first introduced they caused quite a sensation. Today they're still a hot collectible for kids into skateboarding. And it's a lot easier to learn to do some stunts with your fingers than in the real world!