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  • Likewise! from Buffalo Games
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What It Is

Are you thinking what I'm thinking? In Likewise!, it pays to think alike. To start, players flip over a description card and a subject card to create word pairings, such as "Exotic-Car," "Massive-Breakfast," or "Goofy-Hairstyle." There are more than 5,000 possible category combinations! All players secretly write down or doodle on dry-erase paddles the first thing that comes to mind. For example, for "Goofy-Hairstyle," players might write down "mullet," "beehive," or "perm." When everyone is finished, flip the paddles around to reveal the answers. The most matched answers win the round and score, while the others usually get questioning looks and hearty laughs. This is a fast-playing, involving game that's easy and fast to play-great for family game nights or when a bunch of friends are hanging out.

The game comes with six paddles, six erasers, six dry-erase markers, 71 subject cards, 71 description cards, a scoreboard, dice, and rules. Likewise! is for three to six players.


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