Clue: 24 Edition

from USAopoly


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What It Is

Fans of the Fox TV series, 24, have the chance to solve a harrowing mystery and prevent a catastrophic attack on the U.S. just like Jack Bauer-and all in 24 hours! The attack will be initiated from inside the Los Angeles Counter Terrorist Unit (CTU) field office. The CTU is ordered to lock down and no one can go in or out. Six agents are left inside at the time of the lock down. One is the mole/infiltrator. It is up to the CTU agents inside to reveal who the mole is, what kind of attack is planned, and where inside CTU it will happen.

This game transforms the classic Clue board into a blueprint of the CTU building. Traditional Clue suspects such as Mr. Green, Professor Plum, and Col. Mustard, are now represented by CTU agents: Tony Almeida, Chloe O'Brien, and Bill Buchanan. Jack Bauer provides intel to the six agents via his PDA. In order to track the time, Clue: 24 Edition includes eight clock cards, each representing three hours of time for a total of 24 hours. If the eighth card is drawn, the mole's attack is successful and the agents of CTU have failed-game over!

This is a fun twist on a classic game, one that fans of 24 will especially love playing!