Clue Secrets & Spies Edition

from Hasbro


  • Clue: Doctor Who
  • Clue: Firefly Collector's Edition
  • Clue: Supernatural Collector's Edition
  • Clue Library Classic Book


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What It Is

Your favorite Clue characters have become secret agents and they need your help to find Agent Black!

As one of the world's top six international secret agents (Agents Scarlet, Mustard, Plum, Peacock, White, or Green), players attempt to intercept Agent Black and put an end to his plot while remaining anonymous. The ultraviolet secret decoder will reveal clues that will help players track down Agent Black throughout the game. Clue Secrets & Spies Edition incorporates text messaging into game play. Players may send a text message to C.L.U.E. headquarters to gain inside tips to help lead them to Agent Black's whereabouts. Headquarters will respond with game-changing intelligence sent directly to players' personal mobile phones. A cool new way to play Clue, this game lets players become the ultimate spy!