SET Game

from SET Enterprises


  • Quiddler
  • Set Dice
  • Five Crowns Junior


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What It Is

Ready for a mental workout? Then you're ready for SET Game, a card game of quick recognition and deduction. The object of the game is to identify sets of three cards. Each card is unique in its four features: color (red, green, or purple), symbol (diamond, squiggle, or oval), shading (solid, striped, or open), and number (1, 2, or 3). The dealer arranges 12 cards, face up, and the players, without taking turns, quickly scan the images for logical sets of three cards linked by combinations of sameness or difference.

For example, a trio of paired ovals with increasing levels of shading between cards. The trick is to keep calm while making the rapid connections. And because everyone is playing simultaneously, the game can cause some players to get a little feisty! The game contains complete instructions for play, 81 cards, and a durable plastic carrying case, making it perfect to take on the go.

Younger players and first-timers might find the game's concept difficult to grasp at first, however, the game can be played by people from ages 6 to age 100. After a few rounds, you'll get the hang of it. One of the really nice things about the game is that it is for one or more players, which means that you can play the game with others or you can practice on your own to hopefully hone your skills and become the SET Game champion the next time you play with friends and family!