Quizmo Starter Set

from Inifitoy



Overall Editor's Rating

What It Is

Kids love brain teasers, and the more outrageous, the better. For take-along fun that will have the entire family guessing along, Quizmo is a great addition to a family trip. The centerpiece of the game is the Quizmo unit, a handheld device that holds the answers to 693,135 questions. (There's a trivia question right there.) Kids will love guessing and discovering such questions as: Which animal's eye is bigger than it's brain? If you could collect all the oils your body releases in one month, would it fill a swimming pool, a bucket, a bathtub, or your belly button?

The starter set includes the Quizmo handheld unit and one flip book that includes approximately 400 questions, drawn from the most popular Quizmo books. What we really like about this game is that there's no way anyone could know all the answers to these questions, so they can really spark conversations and creative guessing-and give kids fun facts to wow grandma and grandpa with. An hour or so of this game will make a long drive go by quickly.