Kid-Tough Walkie Talkies

from Fisher-Price


  • Kid-Tough Apptivity Case
  • Kid-Tough Video Camera
  • Kid-Tough See Yourself Camera


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What It Is

Fisher-Price pioneered the Kid-Tough lines several years ago with the groundbreaking digital camera. These fully functional electronic devices are appropriate for kids as young as 3 who want to do what they see their parents and "big kids" doing. At the same time, the controls are easy to use, and the construction stands up to the inevitable spills, bumps and drops that come with using electronics.

The latest introduction in the line are the Walkie-Talkies that really work and allow kids to communicate with one another from as far as 300 feet. The set comes with two units. They're sized right for kids' hands, and operation is easy. Push the button to talk; release it to listen. There's a volume dial and a safety antenna.