Win a Fireworks Light Show toy!

It’s a long way to go until July, but you can enjoy fireworks even in the dead of winter! Check out Fireworks Light Show In My Room!

Want a chance to win the Fireworks Light Show? We’re giving away FIFTEEN of them! Simply fill out the form below and complete as many tasks as you’d like. The more tasks you complete, the more chances you have to win. Do at least one task to be eligible! We’ll keep the sweeps open until midnight on Sunday, and then we’ll randomly choose the winners. Good luck!

The entry period is over! The winners are:
Mike S.
Tracy P.
Stella K.
Amanda O.
Kelly Ann T.
Chante J.
Bing Y.
Lee B.
Jeanette M.
Sara M.
Sara S.
Laurie G.
Carol C.
Angela W.
Kari M.

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