LeapPad Ultra Review (LeapFrog)

What It Is

LeapFrog is expanding its line of children's learning tablets with the latest release, the LeapPad Ultra. What makes it ultra? Here are a few of its "ultra" features:

This kid-tough tablet has a bigger seven-inch, high-resolution touchscreen that is designed to help children write using a stylus while also supporting interactive touch experiences. The included stylus is tethered to the tablet so that you don't lose it. It also features a rechargeable lithium ion battery that gives kids up to nine hours of play. It can be charged using a USB cable or AC adapter, both of which are included. And the LeapPad Ultra features 8GB of memory, more than on previous LeapPad tablets.

This new tablet also includes LeapSearch, a proprietary kid-safe web browser that kids can use to browse age-appropriate videos, images, and websites that have been reviewed and approved by LeapFrog's Learning Team. The tablet's Wi-Fi access also allows parents to easily purchase and download content to their child's LeapPad Ultra and offers kid-safe peer-to-peer play across devices when two or more LeapPad Ultra tablets connect to the same local Wi-Fi network. This means that two kids can play a game together at the same time on their respective tablets. Intuitive parental controls with a four-digit security code means that parents are in control of what their child is able to access.

The LeapPad Ultra also comes with an enhanced set of apps, including the new Pet Chat, Pet Pad Ultra, Art Studio Ultra, Photo Fun Ultra, a music player with 10 built-in LeapFrog Learning Songs, and a utility suite with calculator, notepad, calendar, voice memo, and clock with stopwatch. When you connect the tablet to your computer (Mac or PC) and register the device, you'll be able to download one free app from the LeapFrog App Center.

As with previous LeapPads, the LeapPad Ultra also features front and back cameras and video recorders. And the LeapPad Ultra is compatible with LeapFrog's learning library of more than 800 games, app, ebooks, videos, music, cartridges, and more that remember your child's progress and auto-level to adapt to your child's pace. Parents can connect to the LeapFrog Learning Path to see details of their child's play.

The LeapPad Ultra is available in green or pink.

Is It Fun?

With each new LeapPad tablet, the tablet experience becomes more and more realistic for young children. For instance, the screen size of the new LeapPad Ultra is similar to that of an iPad or other comparable tablet, and the addition of the Wi-Fi and LeapSearch web browser lets kids feel like grownups as they "surf" the kid-safe, parent-controlled LeapFrog web. With this new tablet, kids still get the same great LeapFrog play that remembers and adjusts to each child's individual progress. Each of the different activities engages kids in fun ways to build skills in reading, math, science, vocabulary, and more. The upgraded features and content are great and still allow young kids to have their own tablet device, just like mom and dad.

Who It’s For

The LeapPad Ultra is for ages 4–9.

What To Be Aware Of

In order for your child to chat with a friend's or sibling's pet through the Pet Chat app, your child's friend or sibling will need to have his or her own LeapPad Ultra and be in the same room as your child. The same is required for games, such as the Kart Racing game, for the multiplayer option to work.

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