MG Review (Play MG Corp)

What It Is

MG is a Wi-Fi-only, App-Gaming System and the first handheld game system exclusively for Android games. Basically, it's an Android phone, without the phone that's designed for gaming. In addition to playing games, kids can also use MG as an MP3 player, access the internet through the included Chrome browser and download apps.

Is It Fun?

MG comes with 11 games preloaded, including a few from EA, like NBA Jam and Need For Speed: Hot Pursuit. In addition to the preloaded games, there are tons of additional games that you can download from the Google Play Store using the MG's Wi-Fi connection. In addition to the free games, you can also purchase games and apps just like you do on any Android device but since this isn't a phone, there is no contract or monthly charge.

MG has a 4-inch display that games look great on plus a front-facing camera that can be used for games, pictures or video.

Who It’s For

While this is a device designed with kids in mind, it looks like any other mobile device and older kids won't feel like a "little kid" when using this in public. It lets kids feel like they have their own smart phone without parents worrying about the entanglements that come with a smart phone.

What To Be Aware Of

MG also includes "Remote Trust", a feature that lets parents keep tabs on what their kids are doing on MG by setting up a parent account and receiving regular notifications of their kids' activity. This feature makes it a great device for kids who are too young for a Smart Phone but still want to play games and apps.

MG comes with an 8GB Micro SD Card, however, it does not include a USB cable, which is required for charging the device to a computer. The idea behind the lack of a cable is that most households have these cables already and leaving the cable out of the package helps to keep the cost down.

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  • Value