Cupcake Race Review (Endless Games)

What It Is

The object of Cupcake Race is to be the first player to complete a pretend cupcake and reach the party at the end of the path. The game comes with 48 colorful plastic sprinkles, four party hat pawns, four plastic cupcake wrappers, four plastic cupcakes, four plastic frosting tops, and four plastic cherries. When you unfold the game board, place the cupcake wrappers next to the Mix It corner, place the cupcakes next to the Bake It corner, place the frosting tops next to the Frost It corner, place the sprinkles next to the Top It corner, and place the cherries inside the Party cherry. Each person picks a colored party hat pawn and places it on the Start space on the game board. Then players take turns spinning the spinner and moving the number of spaces shown.

If you land on a blank space, nothing happens and your turn is complete.

If you land on a space with a positive number, spin the spinner and collect the matching colored sprinkle. So if you land on a space that says +2, you get to spin twice to collect two sprinkles. If the spinner lands on the purple space and then the orange space, you collect a purple sprinkle and an orange sprinkle.

The opposite happens if you land on a space with a negative number. If you land on a space that says -2, you must remove two sprinkles from your pile.

Other spaces include Move Back, which tell you how many spaces you must move your pawn backward on the game board, and Lose a Turn.

Players must stop on each cupcake corner, but you don't need to land by exact spin. When you land on the Mix It corner, you pretend to mix your cupcake batter and choose a cupcake wrapper. When you land on the Bake It corner, you choose a cupcake and put it in the wrapper, then pretend the cupcake is going to bake. The Frost It corner is where you choose a frosting top to place on the cupcake. When you land on Top It, spin the spinner twice to receive two sprinkles, one of each color the spinner lands on. Add those sprinkles and any you've collected throughout the game to your frosting top. The last step is to land in the Party cherry space. Once you've completed your cupcake and land on the Party cherry, top the cupcake with a cherry, and you've won the cupcake race. All other players may then top their cupcakes or continue playing until they reach the party.

There is an optional way to play for older players. To win, you must collect a sprinkle for each color on the spinner. So when you reach the Top It corner, spin twice to collect two sprinkles, then remain in that corner until you have a sprinkle of each color.

Cupcake Race is for two to four players.

Is It Fun?

Cupcake Race is a cute preschool game that helps reinforce color matching and counting. Kids will think it's a lot of fun to build their own pretend cupcake and see how many sprinkles they can collect. And when not playing the game, preschoolers can use the cupcake pieces for pretend food play. We like that there is an optional way to play Cupcake Race, keeping it challenging for older players.

Who It’s For

Cupcake Race is for ages 4 and up.

What To Be Aware Of

Some assembly of the spinner is required. The spinner is actually two pieces: a base and an arrow. The directions aren't very clear as to how to attach the spinner to the game board. Separate the two spinner pieces and place the base underneath the hole in the game board. Then snap the arrow through the hole and into the spinner base.

To make it easier to store the sprinkles, we recommend using the bag that comes with the game or another plastic zip-top bag that you have at home.

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  • Assembly & Instructions

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