Spring Cleaning Toy Sweepstakes!

We’re clearing out the Time to Play closets and getting clean for spring! But what are we going to do with all these extra toys? Oh! We’ll give them away to you! Aren’t we nice? (Yes, we are.)

You can choose which prize drawing you want to be in: one, a few, or all! Just check the boxes of the prizes you’d like to win and we’ll randomly select the winners. Please note that some of the items pictured may not be the exact model you receive. Enter before 11:59 pm Eastern on Sunday!

Here are our Spring Cleaning prize packs:

1. Barbie pack #1 – Barbie I Can Be…Teacher, Barbie I Can Be…Pancake Chef, & Barbie Fashionistas In the Spotlight Glam

2. Barbie pack #2 – Barbie I Can Be…Teacher, Barbie Black Label Basics, & Stardoll by Barbie

3. Tetris Link pack – Tetris Link, Tetris Link 2-player, & Tetris Link wristbands

4. WWE pack – WWE FlexForce Lightning Flip Kickin’ Rey Mysterio, WWE Rumblers Figures, & Tough Talkers John Cena Wrist Bands

5. Lego pack – Ninjago Skull Motorbike & Alien Conquest UFO Abduction

6. Princess Tiana pack – Disney Princess Sparkling Princess Dolls Tiana & My First Disney Princess Soft n Sleepy Tiana

7. Evenflo Jumo N Go

8. Mega Bloks Blok Town Safari Park

The sweeps is over! The winners are, in the order of the prizes listed:

1. Diane C. from TX
2. Nilda D. from WI
3. Natalie J. from OR
4. Cammi H. from AR
5. Leanne M. from WA
6. Kelly A. from MO
7. Elizabeth K. from TX
8. Jennie N. from Ontario

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