KEVA Brain Builders Review (MindWare)

What It Is

The KEVA Brain Builders from MindWare combines 20 precision-engineered pine KEVA planks with a set of 30 challenging puzzle cards. Each puzzle card features a 2-D puzzle challenge on one side and the solution on the other. The 2-D challenges are much like a blue print or technical drawing, showing the puzzle from different angles including a front, side, and overhead view. The cards range in difficulty from beginner to intermediate to expert. They are also color coded to represent the different sides of the planks you are working with. Blue stands for the broad facing side of the plank; purple for the narrow side view, orange for the small side view, and green for angled planks.

As you build, you'll start to see the shapes of familiar objects take shape, such as a swan, staircase, rowboat and more. Once you think you've solved the puzzle flip it over to check the solution.

Is It Fun?

For those familiar with the KEVA planks, this is a fun new way to experience the system and one that also acts as a good STEM toy to help kids strengthen their 3-D visualization skills. And any toy that can disguise learning in a fun and interactive way is sure to get a lot of repeat play.

Who It’s For

The KEVA Brain Builders set is for ages 7 and up.

What To Be Aware Of

Building times will vary depending on the difficulty level of each puzzle.

As you move up through the challenges, some views are more helpful than others, especially when it comes to the placement of the angled planks.

A zip-up travel bag is also included for storage.

  • Fun

  • Repeat Play

  • Assembly & Instructions

    None or Very Easy