Butterfly Yo-Yo Review (Duncan Toys)

What It Is

The Butterfly Yo-Yo from Duncan is a classic beginner yo-yo. It has a couple different features that help make the yo-yo learning process easier. It features a butterfly-like design with a wide flared shaped. The shape results in a wider string gap, making it easier to wind your string, and, coupled with its steel axle, less likely to get the string tangled. Directions are included about how to properly loop and prep your yo-yo for use.

Is It Fun?

In terms of the quality as well as the response of the yo-yo, it falls into the middle range-not overly responsive but not too little either-which is great for beginners. We also liked Duncan's breakdown of the basic steps to throw a yo-yo, which puts it into language that kids understand, such as the first step-make a muscle.

Who It’s For

The Duncan Butterfly Yo-Yo is for ages 6 and up.

What To Be Aware Of

Duncan's website also offers video guides to prep your yo-yo as well as offer how-to guides on different yo-yo tricks.

  • Fun

  • Repeat Play

  • Assembly & Instructions

    None or Very Easy