Ultimate Friendship Bracelet Party Review (Alex)

What It Is

The Ultimate Friendship Bracelet Party comes with lots of supplies for making 30 friendship bracelets in different patterns: hearts, swirls, stripes, diamonds, and flowers. The kit includes 20 colors of embroidery floss, a square loom, two round looms, beads, a charm, a jump ring, elastic string, two beading needles, and instructions. You'll need to provide your own scissors.

Pick your loom and colored floss, using the colors on the loom as a guide. Depending on the loom, you might need two colors or three. You can also use whatever colors you want. Follow the instructions to string the floss through the loop and weave the floss strands around the loop to create your bracelet. You can also add beads and charms to your bracelet.

Is It Fun?

The finished bracelets definitely look cool and offer a cool update on traditional friendship bracelets. Because the kit comes with so much stuff, it would be a great activity for two or three kids to do together.

However, this is a very time-consuming activity. It took us about two hours to make just one bracelet. It's definitely a project for kids with a lot of patience and an interest in making friendship bracelets.

Who It’s For

Ultimate Friendship Bracelet Party is for ages 8 and up.

What To Be Aware Of

If you've never made friendship bracelets using a kit like this before, then you'll probably find the printed instructions very confusing. Alex does provide a link to an instructional how-to video, and we recommend watching the video before you get started. It's a very good video, and you'll find that once you get started, it's actually very easy to make these bracelets.

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    Medium Difficulty