Zip Stix Mega Pack Review (Hog Wild)

What It Is

Zip Stix is a new line of launchable collectibles that look like mini skateboards without wheels. Each one is five-inches long and includes a character graphic on one side. There are 72 Zip Stix to collect in four different themes: Team Wild, Team Blaster, Team Turbo, and Team Zilla. Kids can purchase Zip Stix individually or with different accessories for launching and creating stunts.

The Zip Stix Mega Pack comes with two launchers, six Zip Stix, two ramps, and six cones. There is also a mini collector poster so that kids can identify which Zip Stix are in the pack and keep track of which Zip Stix they own. Use the ramps and cones to set up a stunt area, and get ready to launch your Zip Stix. To launch, make sure your Zip Stix is folded flat in the locked position. It will make a clicking sound. Attach the Zip Stix to a launcher by aligning the hole on the Zip Stix with the peg on the launcher, keeping the character graphic side facing up. Hold down the launcher and gently push down on the end of the Zip Stix until it begins to curl. Release to launch.

Is It Fun?

While the Zip Stix look cool and are fun to collect, they are also a little difficult to launch, mainly because the instructions just aren't that clear. We actually had to watch a video online to figure it out. When we tried to follow the instructions, the Zip Stix kept hitting our hand, which hurt and caused the Zip Stix to lose momentum and get knocked off course. We found it works better if you attach a Zip Stix to the launcher with the front end flat and the back end curled. You'll have to hold the Zip Stix in place to prevent it from launching too early. When you're ready, let go of the curled end and watch your Zip Stix go.

Who It’s For

The Zip Stix Mega Pack is for ages 4 and up.

What To Be Aware Of

The launching instructions say to keep the raised Zip Stix logo side facing up when attaching the Zip Stix to the launcher. However, kids could be confused because one side of the Zip Stix has a large Zip Stix sticker on it and the other side has a smaller Zip Stix logo on the bottom. To avoid confusion, just keep the side with the character graphic sticker and the small Zip Stix logo facing up when launching. It doesn't work at all if you have the other side facing up, so that's also a good way to know which side to use.

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    Medium Difficulty