Trapper Keeper 5-Pack Tabbed Dividers Review (Mead)

What It Is

The Trapper Keeper is back with a new line of school supplies including the Trapper Keeper binder itself ($5.99), a five-pack of tabbed dividers ($2.50), two-pocket portfolio folders ($1.50), and one-subject notebooks ($1.99). Each is sold separately.

First introduced in 1978 and a mainstay of the 1980s, the new Trapper Keeper products feature an updated style. The Trapper Keeper is a 1.5-inch, three-ring binder with two interior vertical pockets and a protective flap with a snap closure to make sure everything stays "trapped" inside. The notebooks and folders also have interior vertical pockets to keep things from falling out.

All products include the Snapper Trapper, a durable plastic strip that makes it easier for students to quickly snap their supplies in and out of the binder without opening up the binder's rings. The line features a subtle graphic design in four colors: red, blue, purple, and green.

Is It Fun?

The whole point of the Trapper Keeper system is to make it easier for students to keep everything they need securely in one place, and with the new Snapper Trapper and vertical interior pockets, Trapper Keeper school supplies do this better than ever. With this updated system, it's easier for kids to get organized, mixing and matching colors they like and the supplies they need.

Who It’s For

Mead recommends its Trapper Keeper school supplies for ages 8-13. Of course, some nostalgic adults might want to pick up these products for organizing their homes and offices.

What To Be Aware Of

Two sizes of Trapper Keeper student planners with Snapper Trappers will also be available and sold separately.

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