Classic Pacifier-Stage 2 Review (Difrax)

What It Is

The Difrax Classic Pacifier in Stage 2 is part of a three-stage pacifier system that accommodates your baby's growth and development. This pacifier features a specially designed nipple for babies 6 months and up. The nipple is soft, but a bit firmer than pacifiers for younger babies. The rounded nipple shape mimics the likeness of a mother's breast, making it ideal for breastfeeding babies. The pacifier itself has a unique shape that dips down below the nose to allow babies to breathe with ease. Two holes in the bottom of the pacifier allow air to pass through to help prevent skin irritation. This pacifier is designed to soothe babies, and it also stimulates the development of the palate, tongue, and jaw muscles. It comes in different color combinations, and two pacifiers come in one package.

Why Is It Useful?

We like that these pacifiers take a baby's comfort into account with the unique shape that doesn't block a baby's nose and the air holes to prevent skin irritation.

Who It’s For

The Classic Pacifier-Stage 2 is for ages 6 months and up.

What To Be Aware Of

The Classic Pacifier is also available in versions for babies birth-6 months and 18 months and up. Each is sold separately.

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