Finger Tips Matching Game: Animal Edition Review (Wiggles 3D)

What It Is

Finger Tips Matching Game: Animal Edition from Wiggles 3D is a three-in-one matching game for preschoolers that features hand-shaped cards. Unlike average playing cards, these cards feature 15 different finger puppet-like characters on the 40 hand-shaped cards throughout the deck. Characters include lions, dogs, pandas, and more. But what we also like about this deck is that it expands the basic play of a matching game offering players three different games to play: Mad Rush, Hot Dog, and Hide & Seek. You can play all the games as single player games or with others.

In the game of Mad Rush, each player starts with a hand of seven cards, a discard pile and one card turned face up in the center. Then it's a "mad rush" to find a matching character between your hand and the card in play. If you are playing with friends, whoever finds the matches the fastest and gets rid of all their cards wins the game the fastest.

In Hot Dog, players work to match characters on the cards finger tip to finger tip. Each player starts with seven cards and one card at the center of the table. Then take turns, adding a card from your hand to match with one of the animal images already showing on the table. If you match a dog to a dog, you get an extra turn. But be aware, you can't have any other fingertips touching a non-matching character.

In Hide and Seek, players search the grid to find matches for the characters on your card. The first player to find matches for all five of the fingers on their target card wins.

Is It Fun?

The unique designs and adorable characters add a new twist to classic matching. Plus with multiple characters on each card and multiple games to play, it's a fun way to test your preschoolers' memory skills and hand-eye coordination.

Who It’s For

Finger Tips is for ages 3 and up.

What To Be Aware Of

Additional versions of Finger Tips are sold separately.

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  • Assembly & Instructions

    None or Very Easy