Fuzzy Wuzzy Knitting Review (Alex)

What It Is

The Fuzzy Wuzzy Knitting kit comes with six colors of fuzzy yarn (129 yards total), two plastic knitting needles, a plastic sewing needle, and instructions. Everything comes packaged in a reusable tin. The instructions show kids how to cast on (start knitting), make a knit stitch, and cast off (finish their knitted project). It also shows kids how to fix a dropped stitch and change yarn colors in the middle of knitting. Some of the projects kids can make include a bow, a headband, fingerless gloves, a scarf, and a cell phone pouch. Kids can also add tassels or pom-poms to their knitted projects.

Is It Fun?

Kids who already have a working knowledge of knitting or who have a friend or family member who can show them how to get started will probably have an easier time using this kit than kids who have never knitted before. The picture instructions made no sense to us, so we went to Alex Toys' YouTube channel to find an instructional knitting video. While the videos were not specific to the Fuzzy Wuzzy Knitting kit, they were somewhat helpful in giving us the basic idea of how to get started. We recommend viewing those videos, especially if you've never knitted.

Once we got started, we eventually fell into a knitting rhythm, but you should definitely treat your first knitting project as a practice project. Unless you're some kind of knitting genius, your first project (like ours) might be a little wonky. That's okay. With time and patience, hopefully you'll really get the hang of it and progress to more advanced projects. If you're not willing to invest the time or you expect perfection right off the bat, this is not the craft kit for you.

Who It’s For

Fuzzy Wuzzy Knitting is for ages 7 and up.

What To Be Aware Of

It took our beginner knitter one hour to complete the simple and small knitted bow project after spending about 45 minutes reading the unclear instructions and watching the instructional videos on Alex Toys' YouTube channel.

Because this yarn is so soft and delicate, if you need to wash your knitted projects, we recommend hand-washing them.

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