LeapFrog Learning Game Barbie Malibu Mysteries Review (LeapFrog)

What It Is

The LeapFrog Learning Game Barbie Malibu Mysteries is a game cartridge for use with LeapPad tablets and Leapster GS devices, which are sold separately. The focus of Barbie Malibu Mysteries is reading. There are lots of "find the missing object" games and Barbie dress-up games. Kids are encouraged to read words (such as "green sweater" or "blue shoes") to help dress Barbie.

Is It Fun?

Even though the game is supposed to help kids with reading skills, we did not find the game to be very reading-focused. The phonic games are not very clear, and the sounds are hard to catch because they are said short and fast. However, if you do have a Barbie enthusiast at home, this might be a good fit. But keep in mind, it's much more about dressing a doll than it is about the reading skills.

Who It’s For

This game is for ages 4-7 or kids in pre-K through first grade, but we thought some of the gameplay was a little too advanced for this age range.

What To Be Aware Of

This game cartridge is compatible with the LeapPad Ultra, LeapPad1, LeapPad2, Leapster Explorer, and LeapsterGS Explorer.

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