Tech Couture Bling Headphones Review (Alex)

What It Is

Tech Couture Bling Headphones is a do-it-yourself kit that allows tweens to personalize their headphones with jewels. The headphones, which are included in this set, are of a high quality with soft ear pads. The headband is adjustable to fit your growing child, but the headband is not padded. The headphones have a 59-inch cord. The bright pink and lime green colors add such fun to this must-have musical accessory. This kit comes with 130 gems to decorate your headphones, along with four headphone stickers, four gem strips, and instructions.

Is It Fun?

The kit allows kids to get creative and personalize a favorite accessory. It does, however, take some patience to get the gems to stick as kids complete the project to avoid frustration or disappointment. Don't rush!

Who It’s For

The Tech Couture Bling Headphones are for kids ages 8 and up who enjoy personalizing their accessories.

What To Be Aware Of

We found the glue to be a bit temperamental, so once you stick the gem onto your intended surface, keep it there. We also had problems with the gems falling off. We'd be concerned that the gems would easily fall off if the headphones were carried inside a backpack.

  • Fun to Make?

  • Will I Use It?

  • Assembly & Instructions

    Medium Difficulty