Say the Word Review (Peaceable Kingdom)

What It Is

The object of the cooperative game Say the Word is for all players to create a story with Word Cards and correctly repeat the story and each Word Card from memory. A cooperative game means that all players work together as a team instead of against each other. The game is for three to six players, and it's played in rounds. Each round is a complete game, and however many players you have determines the number of rounds you'll play so that each player has the chance to be the Story Master.

The Story Master chooses a character card (or makes up a character on the Anybody Board) and deals three Word Cards to each player. He can also choose a Challenge Card to make the storytelling more challenging. For instance, players might have to make a funny face while repeating the story. Each player also receives a Clue Token.

The first player plays a Word Card from her hand and uses it in a phrase or sentence to start the story. The Word Card is placed facedown next to the Character Card. Players then take turns repeating the story thus far and adding more Word Cards. The Story Master keeps track of the words on the Story Board.

If you forget a word, you can give your Clue Token to the Story Master who will act out the word without talking. If you don't have a Clue Token, another player can give you his. If there are no unused Clue Tokens, the round ends and the players lose as a team.

Once 10 or 12 Word Cards have been played, depending on how many players you have, the last player must repeat the whole story from memory. If he repeats it correctly, the players win.

Say the Word comes with 200 Word Cards, 19 Character Cards, 16 Challenge Cards, one Anybody Board, one Story Board, a Dry Erase Pen, six Clue Tokens, and instructions.

Is It Fun?

This game really tests players' memories and encourages creativity as they make up the story. We like the silliness and challenge added by the Challenge Cards, but you can also play without them if you want to keep things a little simpler. This makes a nice addition to a family game night.

Who It’s For

Say the Word is for ages 10 and up.

What To Be Aware Of

This is a cooperative game, but most kids over 10 want to play games with a clear winner and level of competition. However, you could easily convert this game to a competitive game by eliminating any player who can't remember a word. By the time you've reached your 10 or 12 Word Card limit, whoever is still in the game could earn a Word Card and whoever has the most Word Cards after all rounds are played wins.

  • Fun

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  • Assembly & Instructions

    None or Very Easy