Hide 'em & Hatch 'em Eggs Three-Pack Review (SCS Direct)

What It Is

Hide 'em & Hatch 'em Eggs aren't your typical Easter eggs. When placed in water, they hatch Easter-themed animals, such as a duck, rabbit, and chick. Place the eggs into a container of room temperature water, and after one to two days, the eggshell will begin to break away. Over the next few days, the animal will continue to grow and hatch out of the shell. The whole process for us took five days. Once hatched, you can keep the animal in water for up to three weeks for continued growth or remove it from the water to play with it.

Is It Fun?

These eggs are sized the same as traditional plastic Easter eggs, so you can use them during an Easter egg hunt. They make a fun alternative to putting candy in a child's Easter basket and offer extended play past Easter.

The hatched animals aren't the cutest things you've ever seen, and they do remain a little wet and slimy even days after you remove them from water. But we think kids will still like watching the eggs hatch and the surprise animals grow as if by magic in water.

Who It’s For

Hide 'em & Hatch 'em Eggs are for ages 3 and up.

What To Be Aware Of

The Hide 'em & Hatch 'em Eggs are also available in a six-pack for $19.99 or individually for $5.99 each.

  • Fun

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  • Assembly & Instructions

    None or Very Easy