Noodle Speedoodle Review (Peaceable Kingdom)

What It Is

Noodle Speedoodle is a drawing game for three to six players where the object is to grab a noodle, draw a doodle, and have the other players guess what it is. The game comes with 25 rubber noodles in different shapes, a 30-second timer, a spinner, a doodle board, a Dry Erase pen, and 100 cards with three words on each that tell you what to draw. To start, put 11 noodles in the middle of the table, and one player spins the spinner to see what type of play to follow. All of the spaces are based on the same principle of drawing your word and using your noodle, yet, they differ slightly. You may have to use two noodles, draw all three words on your card, draw using your non-dominant hand, or have another player draw a noodle on the board for you. If the other players answer correctly, you get to keep the noodle. If the players got it wrong, put that noodle to the side.

Noodle Speedoodle was designed as a cooperative game, which means that players are not competing against one another. In order to win, all players together must win eight noodles.

Is It Fun?

The gameplay is really easy to pick up, but incorporating the noodle in your drawing is harder than it looks. It takes some practice, but that's part of the fun. Noodle Speedoodle emphasizes play versus competition, making it fun for the whole family.

Who It’s For

Noodle Speedoodle is for ages 8 and up. Of course, at this age, there are some kids who prefer more competitive games, but we're sure you could alter the gameplay to make it more competitive.

What To Be Aware Of

If 30 seconds doesn't seem like enough time to draw, you can use the timer twice per turn.

  • Fun

  • Repeat Play

  • Assembly & Instructions

    None or Very Easy