Spike Jewelry Review (Alex)

What It Is

Spike Jewelry from Alex is a DIY spike jewelry making kit that uses spikes and studs to make unique braided and beaded bracelets. Directions are included to help you craft two different bracelets-one using eight neon satin cords and spiked beads and the other using clear elastic string, a beading needle, and stud beads. Beads come in both a neon plastic and metal finish. Also included is a helpful suction hook to hold your jewelry in place as you braid.

To make a braided bracelet, cut the neon cord to the indicated length and loop together. Hook the top loop of your bracelet on the hook and follow the instructions to quickly learn how to properly braid the cord. When you are ready, slip a bead on the center strand then continue to braid around it. Once you reach the end of your thread or size it to the length you want simply knot it off. Place it on your wrist and hook the two ends together and voila.

The second bracelet is even simpler. Use the threading needle or just your fingers to thread the elastic string through the beads double-holed studded beads. Start out threading only one side of the beads and stringing them together. Size it to the desired length and thread it back through the other side. Tie it off and tie the ends together.

Is It Fun?

This kit capitalizes on the popularity of do-it-yourself jewelry and one of the latest style crazes in fashion-forward accessories: spikes and studs. Girls will have fun giving their jewelry a bit more edge using this kit to make seven high-quality and colorful bracelets.

This particular kit has some great and essential jewelry-making components, but the one that stands out the most for us is the easy suction hook. As any jewelry maker knows, it's often both an annoyance and a struggle to hold string in place as you braid. The suction hook, particularly for the satin cord bracelet, makes this so much easier to do.

Who It’s For

Spike Jewelry from Alex is for ages 6 and up.

What To Be Aware Of

The studded elastic bracelet did not offer directions about how much elastic thread to use. A good estimate is to pull the cord semi-tightly around your wrist before you start and double the length.

It took us between 30-45 minutes to complete both types of bracelets.

The easy suction hook does not work well on wood surfaces.

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