Mini Messages Review (Mini Messages)

What It Is

Many parents leave notes in their child's lunchbox, whether handmade or pre-printed. Unlike other pre-printed lunch notes, Mini Messages have a functional use: napkins. Each pack of Mini Messages comes with 20 napkins, each with a different design. Messages may include a picture of a pie with the words, "Have a great day, sweetie pie" or a picture of a sailboat with the words, "Smooth sailing in school today." A second series of Mini Messages with new designs will be available soon.

Is It Fun?

These are easy for parents to place inside a child's lunchbox. If you're packing their lunch, you're already giving them a napkin, so why not make it a fun napkin with a positive and loving message? Because these lunch notes are napkins, they can actually be used as napkins, so kids don't have to worry about getting them messy or accidentally throwing them away. Although, some kids might keep the napkins and look at the message on it throughout the school day.

Who It’s For

Mini Messages says these lunch notes are geared toward kids ages 5-11.

What To Be Aware Of

Mini Messages can be purchased from

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  • Assembly & Instructions

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