Spy Gear Stealth Com Walkie Talkies Review (Spin Master)

What It Is

With the Spy Gear Stealth Com Walkie Talkies, kids keep in constant communication with their covert-ops team. These walkie talkies are not your traditional walkie talkies because these are hands-free. You wear the ear piece over your ear and the throat mics go around your neck. The microphones have adjustable arms for comfort. Just talk normally or even whisper, and the microphones will pick up your voice and transmit it to the other walkie talkie. When we tested these out, we were able to communicate from a distance of about 60 feet before our walkie talkies lost the connection.

Is It Fun?

These are pretty cool hands-free walkie talkies that work really well. Kids will love that when they roleplay being spies, these walkie talkies leave their hands free for holding binoculars and other spy tools needed for their missions.

Who It’s For

Spy Gear Stealth Com Walkie Talkies are for ages 8 and up.

What To Be Aware Of

Four AAA batteries are required but not included.

We did have trouble linking the two walkie talkies, but that was because the instructions were slightly unclear. When you turn both walkie talkies on and set them to the same channel, you're supposed to press the SG button on the first unit to activate it. The instructions say the unit will beep. But the first unit doesn't make any noise. You can hear beeping through the ear piece of the second unit, however, and once you press the SG button on the second unit, the beeping stops and both units are connected.

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    4 AAA batteries required