Sports Fanatic Review (PAAS)

What It Is

The Sports Fanatic Egg Decorating kit is an egg-coloring kit that helps kick off the Easter celebration for sports fans. It comes with six dye tablets, 105 Fanatic Stickers, 12 Sports Wrappers, and 12 Silly Circles. Start with clean, cool, hard-boiled eggs. Dissolve the dye tablets in separate cups (not included) with either vinegar, lemon juice, or just water for either ultra-vibrant, traditional-colored, or pastel-colored eggs, respectively. The tablets will dissolve in a few minutes depending on which solution you are using. Dip the eggs into the dye and leave them there until they've reached the desired shade. Remove and pat dry with a paper towel. Once your eggs have dried, it's time for stage two-decorating. Chose between the sport-themed stickers, which are simply peel and stick, or the sports-themed "Eggarounds" sports wrappers. These feature designs for football, soccer, and baseball fans and more. To use, place around your eggs and submerge in boiling water for about three seconds or use a hair dryer to blow hot air around the egg for five to 10 seconds.

Is It Fun?

This is a fun kit that updates the traditional egg dyeing process and encourages everyone in the family, especially sports fans, to get involved.

Who It’s For

This kit is for ages 3 and up with adult supervision suggested. It will appeal most to fans of the featured sports.

What To Be Aware Of

The directions don't mention this but you'll need smaller eggs for this kit to work best. We used jumbo-sized hardboiled eggs, and the Eggarounds were not big enough to fit all the way around the eggs.

The dye tablets may stain certain surfaces or fabrics, so it's recommended that you wear an apron or old clothes and cover your work area when using this kit.

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