Chrome Eggshaust Review (PAAS)

What It Is

Easter isn't all about bunnies and chicks this year. With the Chrome Eggshaust Easter egg-decorating kit, kids can add cool designs such as motorcycles and chrome to their eggs. First, kids dye hardboiled eggs using six dye tablets that are designed to dissolve in less than three minutes. However, the method you use (vinegar, lemon juice, or water) will affect the dissolving time, and each method will affect the color of your eggs in a different way. Use the back of the packaging as a stand to let your eggs fully dry, and then decorate them with the 90 stickers and six Eggarounds. To use the stickers, just peel them from the sticker sheet and stick them on your eggs. To attach the Eggarounds, slip an Eggaround over an egg and either submerge the egg in boiling water for three seconds or use a hair dryer to blow hot air around the egg for five to 10 seconds. The kit also includes 10 egg stands and an egg dipper for the dyeing process.

Is It Fun?

Dyeing Easter eggs is a fun and creative activity that families can do together. This kit gives the classic activity an update with cool motorcycle-themed accessories for decorating the dyed eggs.

Who It’s For

Chrome Eggshaust is for ages 3 and up. Adult supervision is recommended.

What To Be Aware Of

We used jumbo-sized hardboiled eggs, and the Eggarounds were not big enough to fit all the way around the eggs. You might want to try smaller eggs.

The dye tablets may stain certain surfaces or fabrics, so it's recommended that you wear an apron or old clothes and cover your work area when using this kit.

Additional PAAS egg-decorating kits are available and sold separately.

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