Glitzi Globes Princess Castle Review (Moose Toys)

What It Is

The Glitzi Globes Princess Castle is part of Moose Toys' Glitzi Globe Mega Dome packs. This kit comes with not one, but two Glitzi globes to create-one mega globe and one mini globe. For the mini dome use a water bottle to fill the clear domes to the very top with water. Drop a few accessories and glitter pellet inside and watch the pellet dissolve. Secure the dome by snapping its base into place and flipping it over.

For the mega dome, place the globe over the holding tray with a glitter pellet already inside. Ensure it is also snapped securely into place. Open the cap on the lid and carefully pour water into the dome all the way to the top. Wait for its glitter pellet to dissolve, give its top spinner a twirl to stir up the glitter, and watch as it floats around the globe.

Is It Fun?

This new mega dome pack continues to expand the fun of the Glitzi Globes toy line with a new castle theme and even more Glitzi Globe-making fun. This kit also gives kids the chance to create two different-sized globes to play with and display.

Who It’s For

Glitzi Globes Princess Castle is for ages 5 and up.

What To Be Aware Of

Each globe can be placed on the included display tray, which can also house additional mini globes that are sold separately.

Do not turn over the mega globe. Water will leak out of the top.

Past Glitzi Globe kits included a special squirt water bottle that made it easier to funnel the water directly into the globes. This kit did not include that, which means a much steadier hand and additional prep work is needed to prepare a workspace for this craft.

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