Elmer's Early Learners Washable Glue Stick Review (Elmer's Products)

What It Is

The Elmer's Early Learners Glue Stick and Glue Pen promote the development of fine motor skills as kids use these tools to get creative. Both are triangle-shaped, making it easier for younger children to grip and hold. Unlike traditional glue, this glue goes on purple and dries clear so kids can see where they've applied the glue. The glue is safe, non-toxic, and washable. The glue stick has an easy-to-pull-off cap and the glue pen has a simple screw-off cap, allowing kids to more easily use them on their own.

Is It Fun?

As far as glue goes, both products work really well in their intended function of making things stick. We like that the glue goes on purple, making it kind of fun for kids and easy for them to see where they're gluing.

Who It’s For

The Elmer's Early Learners Washable Glue Stick is for ages 3 and up.

What To Be Aware Of

The Washable Glue Pen can be used with paper, foam, cloth, pom poms, and more, while the Washable Glue Stick works best on paper and photos.

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  • Assembly & Instructions

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