Risk: Plants vs. Zombies Collector's Edition Review (USAopoly)

What It Is

The Risk: Plants vs. Zombies Collector's Edition board game is a Plants vs. Zombies-themed, two-player version of the classic board game Risk. In this version, there are three modes of play, which are based on the digital game-Mission Objective, Total Domination, and Tower Defense.

The game features a double-sided game board with two different maps to play on. Which ever side you play on, it pits Plants and Zombies against each other. Side one, which is used for Mission Objective and Total Domination, features a map of the island of Brainsborough divided into 30 territories grouped into six regions. Some territories share borders, some contain strategic sites, and others are covered in fog and limit how many units can attack these territories.

In the game, classic risk game elements have gotten a Plants vs. Zombies makeover; Units are either Plants or Zombie armies, dice is colored gray and green, markers and indicators are themed (such as garden gnomes and re"mind"ers), and faction cards are divided into Plants and Zombies.

Side two of the board looks like a level in the app game depicting a front yard of a Brainsborough property. This is then divided into 45 territory squares. This side is used specifically for the Tower Defense: Front Yard Skirmish game, which features special rules and conditions to win.

The biggest twist on the Risk gameplay, however, is that your main objective has changed. You are no longer required to control all the territories to win the game. To win complete three objective cards or eliminate all your opposing faction units before your opponents.

Is It Fun?

While this could have easily become just another branded board game, this game puts a completely new twist on the original with fun new gaming elements and gameplay for Plants vs. Zombies fans. For example, certain cards within the game give players special abilities such as those featured within the game to block or attack. And the Front Yard Skirmish game, in particular, does a great job of applying classic Risk-style play to a completely new board layout and theme to bring the digital game to life.

Who It’s For

Risk: Plants vs. Zombies Collector's Edition is for ages 10 and up.

What To Be Aware Of

This version can be played different ways depending on the level of difficulty you are looking for.

The directions are extremely detailed and can be a bit confusing when you get started. We suggest parents playing with kids take the lead. Whether you are a seasoned Risk player or not, the rules suggest starting on the Brainsborough side of the board game, which will make it easier to understand the game's rules and mechanics.

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