Landing Mr. Right Review (Landing Mr. Right Enterprises)

What It Is

We need to start this with a warning. While the box says "dating age," this is not for players under 21. There are references to alcohol consumption and much more that is inappropriate for younger people. This might be assumed to be an innocent game, an update of the classics Mystery Date or Dream Phone. It is not.

Landing Mr. Right is a dating board game where a roll of the die can either land you on a great date or in dating rehab. To play, players take turns rolling the die to move around a Candy-Land style board game. Depending on where you land, there can be a lot of back and forth movement around the board. For example, you could be nearing the end of the game and the draw of a card could move you all the way back to the Wild Things space at the start of the game. Land on a Date space and choose between one of six types of guys to date: blue blood, CEO, regular guy, rock star, techno-geek, and triathlete. Date cards can also result in moving you forward or backward on the game board. Additional spaces throughout the game could land you on date locations in New York and Vegas, a Blind Date chosen by your fellow gamers, a Red Flag, Girl Time, and more. Make your way to the end of the game and be the first to Land Mr. Right to win the game, but if you don't roll an exact match, you'll have to move back to the beginning of the game and start again. However, the game suggests if you land Mr. Right too soon, you should still go back to start and play again before "settling down."

Is It Fun?

Dating, in and of itself, can be a bit of a game. So the concept of Landing Mr. Right at first glance looked entertaining. However, many of the cards focus on drinking and sexual content that is not appropriate for kids or even tween/teen daters. And, older daters, if you were expecting an updated version of Mystery Date or Dream Phone for adults, it unfortunately doesn't fit that mold either. The gameplay itself (specifically the back and forth movement on the board) ends up being more of an annoyance than a fun twist for older audience, despite the game's apparent theme.

Who It’s For

Due to the adult content of this game, we recommend this game for adult daters ages 21 and up.

What To Be Aware Of

As noted, "dating age," can be misleading, as kids can date at many different ages. This game has sexually charged content, alcohol consumption and situations that many would find offensive, and certainly not appropriate for anyone but adults.

All of the six would be dates are white and have predictable, stereotypical characteristics. They have no basis in reality, and the humor, weak as it is, would be over the heads of tweens and teens and is actually quite nasty and unpleasant for people of any age.

This is a game for two to six players.

Playing times will vary depending on the number of players and how in-depth your responses to the cards are, however it took us about 45 minutes for each game.

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