Craft Scene Design & Make Shamballa Bead Jewelry Kit Review (International Playthings)

What It Is

The Craft Scene Design & Make Shamballa Bead Jewelry kit from International Playthings is part of a new line of DIY jewelry making kits. Using this kit, girls can do five different jewelry craft projects. While the kit includes almost everything you'll need to make some jewelry, scissors are not included but necessary and if you make earrings you'll also need a toothpick. If you chose to make a bracelet or necklace, first you'll need to measure out the length of cord needed. The instructions guide features a handy ruler on the top of the introduction page to help measure the appropriate length. Then follow the instructions on how to properly braid the cord, string on the Shamballa beads, and finish off the craft.

The kit comes with six shamballa beads, 16 pearl grey beads, 26.3 feet of black knotting thread, 3.3 feet of plastic coated jewelry wire, eight jump rings, two clasps, four clamshell clasps, four ear hooks, one safety pin, and a plastic storage container.

Is It Fun?

This was a fun way to pass some time and make on-trend wearable jewelry for yourself or a friend.

Some of the crafts are more time consuming and complex, so have some patience and pay close attention to the direction's details.

Who It’s For

The Craft Scene Design & Make Shamballa Bead Jewelry kit is for ages 8 and up.

What To Be Aware Of

The light pink Shamballa beads in our kit featured holes that were slightly smaller than the other beads, making it difficult to thread the beads onto the relatively thick cord. The pink beads kept fraying the end of the cord when we tried to thread it. If this happens, we suggest dabbing on a bit of glue or clear nail polish.

Threads on the shamballa bracelet can unravel easily when finishing the craft. Make sure your knot is secure and add some glue to better secure it.

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