Game Zone Crash Review (International Playthings)

What It Is

Crash is a skill-and-action game that is part of International Playthings' Game Zone brand. In this game, for two to four players, the object is to keep the tower from crashing down. It's easier said than done. Once you've assembled the six-tiered tower, which is itself a test of skill and how steady your hand is, then players take turns rolling the color die and removing a column from the tower that matches the color rolled. If you roll black, you can remove any color column. Once the column is successfully removed, place it on the top ring of the tower. Once a ring has 10 columns on it, place another ring on top. Any player who topples the tower is out of the game. Other players rebuild the tower and continue to play until one player is left. The player who did not crash the tower is the winner.

The game comes with 60 columns, 11 rings, and one color die.

Is It Fun?

This gameplay is similar to that of Jenga, except you have to remove a certain color column instead of just picking any piece you want. It's a fun way to reinforce color matching with younger children, and kids will love the suspense as they watch other players, and themselves, carefully remove columns as the unsteady tower wobbles back and forth.

Who It’s For

Crash is for ages 4 and up.

What To Be Aware Of

It does take a few minutes to set up the tower, and because it requires a steady hand, parents may need to help younger kids set up so that the tower doesn't topple before the game has even started.

  • Fun

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  • Assembly & Instructions

    None or Very Easy