Furby Furblings Review (Hasbro)

What It Is

A Furbling is a baby Furby and a whole new generation of Furby. A Furbling is less than half the size of Furby Boom and stands at about 3-inches tall. Press its head and it speaks in Furbish. For Furby Boom owners, the Furbling will interact with Furby Boom characters, who take on the parenting role of a Furbling. Press your Furbling's head to make it talk and Furby Boom will respond back to it with giggles, songs, and comforting words. Unlike older generations of Furby however, the Furbling is overall less interactive.

Download the free Furby Boom app to care for your Furbling. But again interaction is less with the toy and more with the app to ensure your Furbling's health and happiness. To set up your Furbling on the app you'll need to open the app and go to the egg carton. Tap the "Add Egg" icon to unlock your virtual Furbling's egg. Place your Furbling within range on your device, as indicated in the app, in order for it to register. Once the Furbling is recognized, an egg will appear on the screen. You'll need to spin the egg and comfort it to help it hatch. This process takes less than two minutes.

Like Furby Boom, you can select a name for your Furbling by combining syllables such as Loo-Bah, May-Boo, or Loo-Toh, which means Happy Giggles. If you have a Furby Boom, it will also give its input as you go. The more you interact with the app, the happier your Furbling will be and Furby Boom will gladly interact with Furbling. Games and activities within the app are similar to that of Furby Boom, such as bathing your Furbling and playing minigames such as Furball or Hide & Seek. You can also customize a room just for your Furblings with a crib, rug, and wallpaper.

Is It Fun?

If you are a big fan of Furby, Furby Boom, and all the generations of Furbys, a Furbling offers a cute pint-sized addition to your collection and one that we think adds to the engagement with your other Furbys. However, this is not a miniature Furby.

There really are two ways to play with this. Kids will get a kick out of having their Furby Boom interact with the Furbling in the real world, and the Furblings can be played with on their own within the app. (You don't need a physical Furbling to unlock other Furbings in the app, but using the toy will unlock a virtual version of the toy you have.)

Who It’s For

Furblings are designed for ages 6 and up. Younger kids will enjoy the interaction between the toys, as well as the different things they can do in the app. As noted, there really are two different modes of play going on here, and that can extend the Furby and Furbling experience for fans overall.

What To Be Aware Of

Little instruction is provided about where Furblings are located within the app. Once you've hatched your Furbling in the app, which is found under an existing Furby, you'll need to tap the city icon at the bottom of the screen to find your Furbling.

We had to use our Furby Boom to complete the hatching of our Furbling.

You can use your Furbling to unhatch multiple Furblings within the app.

There are six different Furblings to collect, each is sold separately, though you can unlock up to 50 different virtual Furblings within the world of the app.

Three button cell batteries are required and included.

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    3 Cell batteries required